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The Wandering (Individuals)

This series delves into the profound journeys of those who have embarked on the winding paths of leaving their homeland, and stepping into the unknown. The inspiration behind this theme stems from passport photos, those tiny images that encapsulate the emotional turbulence of departure and the aspirations for the future. Simultaneously, they symbolize a shift in identity during the meandering voyage through unfamiliar territories.

In the realm of international travel, every individual leaving their homeland leaves an imprint on a passport photo, a necessary component for the journey. However, the realities encountered in foreign lands often unfold differently from what one might have envisioned. The creators adopt a documentary photography approach, wandering through various corners of London, capturing moments of "passport photos," chest portraits, and full-body shots to reveal the authentic essence of the actual shooting locations.

Jenny Ping Lam Lin and Jordan L, both artists capture each other through their lenses. This act goes beyond being an expression of profound friendship; it becomes an artistic interpretation resonating between two strangers in a foreign land. Through this visual art experiment, the piece aims to delve into the adaptation of wanderers in foreign lands, the intricate journey of seeking identity, and the inevitable loneliness intertwined with the yearning for belonging. "The Wandering (Individuals)" is a profound reflection on the ebb and flow of human migration and emotions, presented through an abstract visual interpretation of the complexities of contemporary society.

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