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The value of a person and the value of garbage are probably similar, both defined by human arrogance.

"Creating through eight destructive techniques:

  1. Splitting — Technique: Tearing — Like cells constantly dividing, deconstructing, and reconstructing.

  2. Living Flame — Technique: Burning — Symbolizing passion, eternal emotions, the emotional transformation of the essence of photography (emotional temperature), and the abandonment of the unsuccessful (rebirth of images).

  3. Trampling — Technique: Crushing — Confronting criticism and denial, self-questioning, and conceptual transformation.

  4. Resistance — Technique: Chewing — Reflecting the avoidance of failure, eventually needing to confront the unsuccessful outcomes."

Photographer: Jenny Ping Lam Lin @Jason_liiin

Model: Ho Fong Ting @ fonteyn.ting

Makeup Artist: @whaleying

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