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This series captures the embodiment of the emotional suppression experienced by East Asian women during their growth, confined by societal norms that entrap the soul.


Through the lens, we freeze a moment in dance, mirroring the fleeting nature of a woman's youth. We, East Asian women, find ourselves hurriedly propelled into maturity, burdened by numerous "tasks" dictated by society. We are expected to be inherently gentle and caring, responsible and obedient to the opinions of our elders. Yet, deep within, we yearn to break free, to dance with wild abandon.

Born between 1995 and 2005, we are locked between the old and the new, navigating the complexities of a shifting era.


It's not about rejecting our femininity or denying our identity as women. It's about dancing with the wind, letting the wildness and freedom inherent in our beings be symbolized by the winds and waves. Allow them to embrace the untamed and liberated spirit that is our birthright.

Model : Jiayi Wang 王佳怡

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