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Jenny Ping Lam Lin

Jenny is a Hong Kong and UK-based visual art artist and curator. She graduated from the Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology in 2020 with a BA in Photography and graduated from the University of Leeds in 2022 with an MA in Art Gallery and Museum Studies.

Jenny's photographic style is characterized by the presentation of documentary images rooted in her senses and vision. She explores diverse experimental methods to showcase images, emphasizing the emotional interplay between images and individuals. Her thematic focus revolves around emotional expression, female growth, and pertinent social issues. Through her unconventional presentation techniques, she prompts viewers to challenge preconceived notions and expand their perspectives.

FEATURES  &EXHIBITIONS                                                              

•    Circle Foundation - ArtIDEAL The 4th issue 
•    London Art Collective – 2024 The Musee du Louvre Contemporary Art Exhibition “ROTOR” in The Musee du Louvre
•    Aire Place Studios - the Let Us See You project, APS Gallery
•    Aesthetica Magazine - the Aesthetica Art Prize 2024 - Longlisted Artist, York Art Gallery
•    Boomer Gallery – The New Artist exhibition 2023
•    Associazione Nazionale di Belle Arti d'Italia – 2023 Art Week Italia di Santa Maria del Fiore at Vittoni Space Florence 
•    Nnc Art Mag Vol 5 2023 "ARTIST OF THE MONTH" section
•    CMCI Winter Festival 2023 – 07 DEC 2023 EMPOWER HER
•    Chelsea College of Arts – 29 Nov – 7 Dec 2023 CAPTURING IMBALANCE
•    Associazione Nazionale di Belle Arti d'Italia and ISOLART - 2023 "Identity Cycle" Florence Contemporary Art Exchange Exhibition at Vittoni Space Florence 
•    Asian Contemporary Artists Alliance (ACAA) - the Connection online exhibition 2023
•    No Name Collective – VOL. 3 2023 March Challenge
•    LoosenArt – FORGOTTEN PLACES international exhibition in Rome.
•    Collect Art – 101 Contemporary Artist
•    Collect Art – SPRING ISSUE 2023 VOL.22
•    Born D (Shanghai) – D Exhibition 
•    Selin - ISSUE 26 VOL. 17
•    Pretence Magazine – ISSUE 3 Duality
•    Take Up Space – ISSUE 3 ‘A Love Letter To Women’
•    The Huts Magazine – ISSUE 7 2023
•    Aire Places Studio – PRINT IT! 2023
•    SB Art Gallery - Freedom & Social Change Art Exhibition 3-5 Feb 2023 
•    Artifex Magazine - ISSUE 1 SPRING 2022


My photographic works revolve around the intricate interplay of my own experiences and the socio-cultural landscape that shaped me. As an Asian woman, I find inspiration in exploring the emotional nuances of my growth, navigating the delicate intersection of tradition and modernity. Through my lens, I aspire to convey the multifaceted aspects of being an Asian woman in the contemporary world, sharing the complexities of my personal narrative.


Central to my artistic endeavors is the exploration of the impact of societal norms and oppressive educational structures on the coming-of-age process of Asian youth. I am particularly drawn to the subtle and overt pressures that mold the lives of young individuals in our region. It is my belief that through photography, I can capture and articulate the effects of societal expectations and educational rigidity on the emotional landscape of Asian youth, especially women.


In essence, my work seeks to document the imprints left by societal conventions on the lives of Asian youth. I aim to shed light on the struggles and triumphs of individuals navigating a path between tradition and progress. Through the visual medium, I strive to contribute to the broader dialogue surrounding the human experience and the complex journey of self-discovery.


In the ever-evolving tapestry of life, I hope that my photographs serve as poignant reminders—a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and a visual chronicle of the subtle yet profound imprints that shape us. Through my art, I endeavor to leave a lasting trace of the intricate dance between personal growth and societal expectations, offering a glimpse into the unique journey of an Asian woman coming of age in the 21st century.


In recent series such as "The Garbage" I delve into the profound impact of oppressive educational systems prevalent in Asia on the values that underpin personal growth. This body of work serves as a visual commentary on the repercussions of a rigid, pressure-laden educational environment that often stifles creativity and authentic self-expression. The Garbage metaphorically captures the discarded dreams, aspirations, and individuality of young minds subjected to the relentless pursuit of academic excellence.

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